About PowerMiser

Use PowerMiser to calculate the savings you'll realize when you upgrade to Timken Belts.


  • Enter the basic parameters of your drive system – hours/year, motor rating (HP), and motor efficiency
  • Plug in your local utility rate
  • Select an energy efficient Timken belt
  • You'll instantly see estimated annual energy cost savings

Save energy with efficient raw edge and synchronous Timken Belts. Reduce downtime and improve system wide performance. The greater the number of drives and higher the horsepower, the more you'll save. For superior performance and energy savings, choose Timken Belts – your source for savings.

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About Timken Belts

Timken Belts is part of The Timken Company's growing portfolio of engineered bearings and power transmission products. A manufacturer of premium performance power transmission belts, Timken Belts' associates and products help keep industry in motion and the world more productive.

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